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Start growing your business using internet

4 Pillars of a Successful Business

There are only 4 things you REALLY Need to focus on, in order to Build and Grow a Business Hassle-Free

1. Market research

Research your Prospect's Wants, Needs and Core Desires IN THEIR OWN WORDS...

Deep Dive in Your Competition's Strategies of Getting Positive Returns on their Investments using Internet


(and how you can improve upon it)

2. Online pResence

Create a Blog that Positions you a Celebrity Authority in your Subject.

A Website that CLEARLY States what you do and How you can help your Customer


Let us help you Create Articles and Videos that

> Addresses Pain Points of your Customer

> Provides Valuable Information

> Positions you as a person who KNOWS about your Subject

> Make people EAGER to Visit your Website and Invest in your Services


NOTHING will happen before we Reach your "about-to-be" Customer, Right?

Now-a-Days, EVERYONE is Online. On Social Media and Blogs.

Let us help you come up with a Profitable Advertising Strategy that leverages most of the influential social medias, blogs and search engines.

Let us help you reach to your Targeted Prospect...

No more Waking up Every Day to Fight for Your Piece of Pie...

Let me help you Build a TRULY Semi-Automated Customer-Acquisition System...

Truly Passive ROI

Once We Build Conversion-Focused Marketing Funnel for you,

Learn how to Use your Blog and Website to Build Trust, Provide Value and Build Relationship with People

It Generates ROI for you,

For YEARS to Come.

24 X 7 Marketing

Your Website NEVER Sleeps...

Nor would your Blog.

Internet allows you to Create NEVER SLEEPING 24 X 7 Marketing Systems for your Business

My Question is, Are you using it at it's optimum Potential?

Highly Relevant Content

Marketing Funnel is All About Creating Relevant Content.

Provide Relevant Content to People for Better SEO and Cheaper Ads.

Let us Help you Build Online Presence that TALK to your Customer, Heart to Heart...

Let's Talk about your Business over Skype...

Tell us about your Business 

and We will come up with a Custom Business Plan for you...

About Us...
and about How we can help you
Grow Your Business Even Further...

After a Careful Evaluation of "About-Us" Pages of several Websites, 

We noticed that,

even though, it is written by the website owner himself,

it is written in a third person,

We quickly decided to write "About-Us" in First-Person, as if We are writing Directly to you.


Hi, I am Kaivalya and I LOVE Copywriting.

It's Something I would do ANYWAY,

just for the Joy of it...

But I am glad that, as our Clients get good results from our services, they continue to pay us for doing what we love.

I will also be doing major web-designing and Strategic Advertising for your Products and Services.

So, if you have any doubts, questions, about "How to grow a business using internet" or if you have any suggestions about "How we can better serve you using our skill-sets" Feel free to contact me.


Hi, I am Rohan and I help Businesses create their online presence which increases their reach to right 

prospects and by right prospects I mean,  people who are interested in their business and If they are 

already online I help them in creating a well personalized automated online marketing funnel which focuses on CONVERTING VISITORS into CUSTOMERS. 

I like Vigorous Exercise in Gym.

I love to travel and Meet new people.

I'm also the Company Representative (CR) of Epiclancers.

We Don't Sell Process, We Sell Results.

Let us help you Build a Profitable Website for your Business

Tell us your Specific Business Needs and Your Business Structure.

We will create a Website that will Generate Profit for you.

Do you want to build a website, just to show it on a visiting card? Really?


Do you want to Build a Website
that Gives Positive Returns on your Investment?

We Release Articles, and Videos that are Designed

to Further Educate you about 

"How to use Social Media, Website, Blog to Grow your Business"

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