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FAQ’s on Restaurant Website Development

1. Do You have limited no. of  Website Designs?

No, we surely don’t have limited no. of website designs but as its not good to present 100+ designs on homepage, we have displayed only 6 designs. We can design websites according to your imagination, SO FEEL FREE to ASK. 🙂

2. Who will buy Web Address or Domain Name You or I ?

Domain name will be purchased by you and if you want us to purchase Domain name for your business, you have to add more Rs.700 or $15 to the invoice. We suggest you to buy your brand domain name / web address from Godaddy as they sell .com domain to new users for just Rs. 99 and after you buy please let know as we have to start working on your website development.

For more info. about domains plz visit Godaddy.com

3. Will I get Professional Email address?

Yes, you will get 10 Professional Email address (eg: youname@brandname.com ) which you can access from your gmail app.

4. Should I worry about Webspace?

As per our plan we are allocating 5-10 GB of Webspace to every website we develop for our client. If we feel your website requires more space we will do our best to provide you free experience. Else you may need to pay some extra amount. All our client’s website data are stored in 1 server so if you want an INDIVIDUAL server you can let us know.

5. What is Google Business Listing and Verification?

Google business listing helps a business to show up on google when related business terms / keywords is/are searched by an user/users. Like if u google restaurant you will find many restaurant coming up on google map (nearest to your location). Those businesses are appearing because their business listing is done on Google and also verified.

Verification is generally done by sending a letter to your business location which consists a code which you have to enter into google’s business dashboard (don’t worry all technical things will be handled by us and we will make sure that your business is listed on google). 🙂

6. What is Online Reservation System?

Online reservation System will let users book table online from your website and you will be notified about users registration through an email.

7. Can users order food online?

Yes, Users can order eatables online, you will notified about their order through an email telling what exactly they want, how many they want, where they want.

8. What is UNLIMITED UPDATES in Rs. 10,000 or $155 Package?

You will get unlimited updates for first 3 Months of Signing up, afterwards you have to pay Rs. 1000 or $16 for monthly maintenance in which you will get unlimited updates done by us.